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Read about some of the projects that Community Action and Training Services are currently supporting...
Bushbury Hill Estate Management Board - Community Outreach
BHEMB have a rolling programme of community outreach, support and events.  This includes training and support for residents to get into work, through to family fun days. CAATS coordinate, facilitate and organise this programme of activities. 
Scotlands & Bushbury Hill Big Local - Wolverhampton
Funded by Big Lottery through Local Trust


Scotlands and Bushbury Hill areas in Wolverhampton have been awarded £1Million.  With support contracted to Community Action and Training Services (CAATS), local residents will deliver their plan of  ideas for the future good of their community. CAATS will support residents to help them deliver their Big Local Plan enabling work on the ground to commence in Summer 2015!

Equality & Diversity Forum - Wolverhampton


Community Action and Training Services are working to support the ongoing development of Wolverhamptons Equality and Diversity Forum, with particular focus on engaging with and capacity building new immigrant and migrant communities from within Wolverhampton.  

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