The Big Lottery have allocated £1Million to the Scotlands and Bushbury Hill area.  This money will be invested in the area on one condition...that it is the residents who decide what this money should be spent on!!  There are lots of opportunities to get involved in your Big Local ranging from coming along for a cupa and a chat to getting more actively involved in the planning and Big Local activities.  

Welcome to Scotlands & Bushbury Hill Big Local...

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Do i have to live in one of the Big Local Streets to get involved?

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All local residents who live, work, volunter or use services in the Big Local area can get involved.

You can be part of a local group or organisation or an inidividual...

I am a young person, can I get involved in the decision making?

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do i have to be part of a group or local organisation to get involved?


Yes...there are lots of opportunities for people of all ages to get one is excluded!

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Who is the Local Trust?


The Local Trust are the organisation who administer the Big Local Programme on behalf of the Big Lottery.  


For more information on Local Trust click below.


Who is your Big Local Rep?

Your Big Local Rep is Chris Allen...

For more information please visit Chris's website Compass Community Partnerships Ltd

Chris attends many Big Local meetings and runs workshops and events in the area.  

Your Locally Trusted Organisation is...

Bushbury Hill EMB


Kempthorne Avenue, Bushbury Hill

Your Community Support Organisation is...

For more information on CAATS click here.  


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Your Big Local Plan has been APPROVED!!!

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